Serpent's Skull Adventure Path

Monday, July 14th

The party quickly took stock of the situation once it became clear they had been marooned on a remote, dangerous island. Balder wasted no time making his way to the wrecked Jeniver to recover what supplies he could. While on board, he uncovered several maps of the region along with Captain Kovack’s personal log, which detailed some frightening revelations of the Captain’s state of mind, as well as events leading up to the shipwreck. He also discovered the fates of both the ship’s cook and the first mate Alton Devirs. Alton had been sliced with a rapier, but ultimately killed by sea scorpion venom, while the ship’s cook had been bitten by a large reptile.
While Balder searched the ship, the rest of the companions, led by Bokim, set up shelter and looked for any evidence of other survivors in the area. Bokim did find a set of footprints leading south down the coastline of the island now known to be Smuggler’s Shiv.
A couple of the castaways were able to be reasoned with and made friendly. Others, however, were not so easily won over. Fed up with what he considered to be so much whining from Gelik, the warrior Balder repeatedly slugged the diminutive bard to shut him up once they returned from exploring another wrecked ship on the northern coast.
It didn’t end there. The half-elven Aerys decided to abandon the companions and make her own way in the forest, after attempts to win her over with diplomacy failed. Deciding that it was too risky to let her wander off alone, since she might give away their location to unfriendly natives if put under duress, Balder again turned to violence. Only this time, there was much bloodshed.
Now hoping that some sort of order had been established at camp, the group of marooned travelers again bedded down for the night. And wondered if the strange nightmares would come again.



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