Serpent's Skull Adventure Path

Monday, September 1st

Adventure Synopsis

After crashing on Smuggler’s Shiv, you all investigated and made a number of strange discoveries. One, the Jenivere seems to have crashed on the Shiv not by accident. It now seems to be the design of the Varisian scholar Ieana (whom you now know to not be a Varisian at all, but a strange serpent creature). After tracking Ieana and the captain to a village of cannibals, you found a strange underground hideout beneath an old lighthouse. In this underground cavern was an old temple dedicated to a little known ancient god.
A confession from Captain Kovack, scrawled in blood on a piece of leather, told the story of how he had been dominated by Ieana, who turned out to be “a serpent wearing a Varisian’s skin,” and forced to crash the Jenivere on Smuggler’s Shiv. Ieana was very interested in Red Mountain. She came to this underground facility to find out how to lower the tide and enter another ancient temple on the other side of the island near Red Mountain.
You read the inscriptions on the walls and deduced how to do this ritual yourselves. To finally figure out mystery behind why you were wrecked on this island.
You traveled to Red Mountain yourselves in pursuit of the sinister serpent woman. You performed the ritual and called out the name of Ydersius, as per the instructions on the cave wall. This lowered the tide and revealed a pair of massive stone doors with depictions of fanged demons. After entering the temple and defeating its denizens & traps, you encountered the serpent creature studying wall carvings. She told you she was on the cusp of making a discovery that your kind hadn’t been able to solve since the sky fell so long ago.
After a mighty battle, you were able defeat her and gather the notes she’d been making from the wall carvings. These notes suggested that she was looking for the lost city of Saventh-yi where, she believes, her god Ydersius was beheaded so long ago.
After exploring the rest of the temple, you made your way out through the underground river to stand on the cliffside.
All that remains is to repair the lighthouse in hope of rescue. And explore any more of the island that still holds your curiosity.



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