Serpent's Skull Adventure Path

Monday, October 6th

now that I'm not in awful agony

The trek into the mine led off with a small combat against a creature living under the water in the flooded tunnel. After defeating it and moving on into the mine, you fell under attack from creatures that, while obviously once humanoid, appeared to be desiccated and ghoulish. These salt wights were hungry and drained the moisture from your skin upon contact. But the most curious feature of the place was the blue globe that came up from the ground on a small island near the mine’s exit. In it lived an undead creature, basking in the negative energy given off by the sphere. He and his former mate attacked you upon entering the place, sucking the life from you as they made contact. After defeating them, you smashed the globe, dissipating the energy of the place. On one of the creatures, you found a silver locket belonging to Athyra, which you returned to her upon exiting the mine.
Further along your thousand-mile journey across the expanse, you came across a seemingly friendly village of Zenji who welcomed you with open arms (in hopes of asking you or baiting you into taking care of a problem they were having with carnivorous apes stealing off with their villagers). Agreeing to take care of the problem, you dealt with two chemosits that stole into the village later that night. As a reward, you were given a map, and a Zenj spirit fetish, which has magical properties.
The rest of the journey to Kalabuto was just as harrowing. It involved attacks by ankhegs, as well as the living dead. Plague zombies that were Sargavans who’d been hung by the Mzali warriors at a Gallows Tree.
Arriving in Kalabuto, you made contact with Cheiton, the dwarf you were told to meet in the Shrunken Head Tavern.
He invited you to stay at his house, where you could hole up and resupply. Having been watched by competitors, you were attacked in the night by thugs hired by a rival faction you presumed to be the Pathfinder Society. After torturing them mercilessly, you killed some and let some go, blind and toeless.
Resupplied and ready to head out. It looks like the next place on your journey is the freshwater lake involving the map you received from the Zenj. The Lake of Vanishing Armies!



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