Serpent's Skull Adventure Path

Monday, September 15th

Having decided on the Red Mantis assassins as the faction to back on the journey to Tazion (and thereby Saventh-Yhi), you headed to the launch point of the faction you are pretending to join, the Sargavan government. En route to the warehouse, you encountered a pack of rabid dogs set loose by a group called the Freemen. A local bunch of vigilantes who are interested in overthrowing the Sargavan government. These men were also in the process of setting your headquarters on fire. After defeating them and putting out the fire, you made your way to the South Arcadian Whaling Company where, you were told, they had taken your erstwhile companion, Jask, captive.
Up on the roof, a leader of the Freemen named Umagra had Jask on the roof with a blade to his throat, shouting demands to the crowd about the abolition of slavery. After scaling the walls and making violence on Umagra and his cohorts, you were able to rescue Jask.
A captured member of the Freemen told you that adventurers all bearing strange compasses approached Umagra several times. You also found an vague but circumstantially incriminating letter on Umagra’s body stamped with a n/s/e/w symbol suggesting that perhaps the Freemen could help their cause by stirring up trouble with Jask’s organization.
The problem dealt with, it closes in on time to leave for Tazion. General Havilar suggests that you try to secure a guide to help you navigate the harsh and strange terrain, as well as deal with the local tribes. The most able candidate is an aged mystic priest of Gozreh named Nkechi, whom the locals call the Tempest.



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